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Why join a PTA?

Outdoor Family Day

Instructions for Membership

1) Click the PTA Form button to fill out form

2) Click the donate button to pay the yearly membership dues

The PTA focuses directly on the students of MES. By working directly with educators, the PTA generates funds, activities, and more to ensure success of students. 


Support Our Students. 

By joining the PTA, you can be in touch with other families who are in similar situations as you! You can also get connected to other staff and teachers at MES.


Get Connected With Others.


Discover New Resources.

The PTA offers many resources to help students and parents navigate through elementary school. For more information, see our resources navigation tab. 

The MES PTA doesn't work without volunteers. We are looking for people to serve. Even if it's a

small role, it helps our kids and our school.


Get involved in activities. 

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