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YEARBOOK 2020-2021

The yearbook is now available for purchase!


Sales will be open until May 1st. (This is a strict deadline from the printer.)


Thank you so much to those of you who submitted photos and helped make this yearbook truly unique. This is a year we will never forget. I love that this yearbook is so full of happy moments and highlights our students’ individual personalities more than any other yearbook could.


Please follow the instructions below and click the link for purchase. Please note that this year all yearbooks will be personalized! You will need to enter your student's name and their homeroom teacher's last name. You can choose between a softcover ($20) and hardcover ($25). 


Thank you again!


Val Carney and the Yearbook Committee

Order Instructions


  1. Click Link

  2. Sign up to create an account for first time users

  3. Select blue Order button under book you want to order

  4. Shopping Cart openings then enter # of books

  5. Enter Student Name (for each book if more than 1 is ordered)

  6. Enter Teacher Last Name Only (for each book if more than 1 is ordered)

  7. Select Checkout

  8. Enter Billing Information (check box at bottom for shipping same as billing)

  9. Select Next

  10. Review Order then select continue

  11. Enter Payment Information then select Pay

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